Teachers share the hard work they’ve been doing on campus


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Aaron Robbins and Laura Larios

     Today’s article is in tribute to teacher appreciation day. Some teachers shared their thoughts on their classrooms and what they felt it was like being a teacher. Overall how they felt about their students and how they feel they come across in their classroom. Starting to share the reasons they wanted to become a teacher, Mr. Arnold said, “One of my big passions is developing students on their strengths and getting them to where they need to be to succeed in the next level, the reason is I didn’t have many positive relationships with teachers while I was in school.” 

      Ms. Archunde shared, “I graduated with an English major and always taught art, loved it.”  Ms. Beauchamp said, “Honestly I get the summer off, I can wear what I want, and I’m good at it.” Each teacher disclosed their teaching philosophy Mr. Arnold’s was, “Teaching to me is more of a partnership between students and teachers, than teachers telling students how to think, learning and growing together.” 

    Ms. Archunde added, “Mistakes are necessary, but only valuable when you learn from them.” Ms. Beauchamp related by saying, “I care as much about your grades as you do.” Each of the teachers then shared how they can help students.  Mr. Arnold then revealed, “I can help students by providing a different perspective on teachers. When I was in school I acted terrible and had bad grades.” Ms. Archunde expressed, “I think everything stems from compassion and caring. If I see students, I say good morning, students matter, regardless of grades or projects, it all comes down to caring.” Mrs. Beachump added, “I can give you skills that come in handy.” 

    Each teacher started to share what they felt were the worst and best things they felt about teaching youth.  Mr. Arnold then said, “Best thing is building relationships with students and seeing students grow and grasp new ideas and do things they didn’t think they could do before, the worst thing is taking attendance, I forget to do it all the time.” Ms. Archunde shared one of the worst things she found as a teacher, “I’ve broken up a few fights more than once, or students that refuse to try.” The female English teacher expressed in two words one of the best things she found as a teacher, “The youth.” The teachers then shared how and why they make connections with their students.  Mr. Arnold then expressed, “I want to know what they are passionate about and what they enjoy doing. I enjoy talking to them with anybody, they have opinions just as important as mine.”  

    Ms. Archunde related saying, “I start with remembering students are human, even though I’m older, I try to make students’ issues seem just as important to me, as they are to them, even though I know they are going to get through it, build trust.” Ms. Beauchamp babbled, saying, “By calling them pet names.”  

     Each 3 teachers then shared advice to students. Mr. Arnold expressed how he felt about technology in the classroom specifically saying, “It can be a huge tool, but I also know as a student myself that it can be exhausting to always be staring at a screen.” Ms. Archunde then imparted her own feelings expressing, “If used right, it can bring the world to your fingertips.”  

   The teachers then shared what they felt was the biggest challenge for them.  Mr. Arnold then divulged a little in a difficult topic, “There’s still uncertainty about how the year is going to turn out.” 

    The teachers then all said the things they felt were the worst and best about teaching. Mr. Arnold stated which part of teaching he looks more forward to saying that he enjoyed “discussions [and] getting to know my students.” On a similar wavelength, Ms. Beauchamp added that she loved “seeing students everyday.”  

      Each teacher shared their favorite books.  Mr. Arnold’s was East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Ms. Achunde’s were We Free Men by Terry Pratchet and Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Mrs. Beachump shared that her favorite book was The Outsiders “because it’s actually one of the books that got me to want to teach.”   

     Despite their teaching careers, each of the teachers had a teacher that made them want to go into teaching. Mr. Arnold revealed, “I wasn’t really fond of teachers, I didn’t like them, however I had a teacher who would joke around and repeat what anybody told him back in a funny way.” Ms. Archunde similarly said, “I didn’t like my art teacher, they made art class not enjoyable at all.” 

    These three teachers are only a handful of teachers that are appreciated and recognized by students. Despite the transition from online to in-person learning, they work tirelessly to make sure that their students’ education are the best experiences they can have. Next time you see a teacher on campus, give them a quick “thank you!”