Thrills in The Hills


Jc Mendoza and Adrian Angulo

On Friday, September 9, 2022, the Buena Park Boys Water Polo team beat both Pioneer Valley and Garden Grove on the first day of the Chino Hills Tournament. 

     The day after, The Boys Water Polo Team went on to play Sunny Hills at Anaheim High School. When the game ended Buena Park stayed on top with a win of 9-7. The Buena Park boys continue to the final game of the tournament. Royal Highschool had a 6-0 record heading into the Final game of the tournament. The Buena Park water polo team also had a 6-0 record heading into the final against Royal and the tensions were high. This is what a player on the water polo team had to say before the championship game, ¨ I was pretty nervous because the other team also had a 6-0 streak.¨ He went on to say this about his emotions after the game, ¨I was really relieved that the game had ended and happy that we won the whole tournament.¨  This is what someone in the audience had to say about the game, ¨ I think that you guys had a lot of chemistry and were playing with pride.¨

     Make sure to come support the Buena Park Boys Water Polo Team as they continued to dominate in the pool.