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Our  Buena Park boys’ soccer team made it to CIF!  It sounds like they had a solid season with a record of 17-8-3. That’s impressive.

Finishing third in the league is a great accomplishment, especially considering the level of competition they faced. It’s clear that our boys worked hard and gave it their all on the field. Losing in the semi-finals may be disappointing, but it’s important to remember that making it that far is a big achievement in itself.

I do not doubt that the Buena Park boys’ soccer team will continue to excel in the future. With the experience they gained this season and their determination, they’ll be a strong team next year. It’s exciting to think about what they’ll accomplish!

Even though they didn’t take home the championship this time, it’s important to recognize their hard work and dedication. They represented their school and community with pride, and that’s something to be proud of.

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Let’s give a big shoutout to our Buena Park boys’ soccer team for their fantastic season and for making it to CIF! We’re excited to see what they’ll achieve in the future. Keep up the great work, boys!


        I’m so excited to talk about our Buena Park girls’ water polo team and their amazing journey in CIF!  They’ve had an incredible season, with a record of 23-7 and a league record of 6-2. That’s seriously impressive!

Making it to the semi-finals in CIF is a huge accomplishment, and our girls should be incredibly proud of themselves. They faced some tough competition, going up against teams like Centennial Corona and Mater Dei. Those are some powerhouse teams, but our girls held their own and gave it their all!

Finishing second in Division 2 is no small feat. It shows just how talented and dedicated our team is. And you know what? I do not doubt that they’ll come back even stronger next year. With the experience they gained this season and their determination, they will be a force to be reckoned with!

Even though they didn’t take home the championship this time, it’s important to remember that wins and losses don’t just measure success. Our Buena Park girls’ water polo team has shown incredible skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship throughout the season. They’ve made their school and community proud, and that’s something to celebrate.  So let’s give a big shoutout to our amazing girls’ water polo team for their outstanding performance in CIF! We can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve next year. Keep up the great work, ladies! 

The unstoppable Girls’ basketball team makes their way to the state finals 


            Hey there, sports fans! Get ready to cheer because we have some incredible news about our very own undefeated girls’ basketball team! 

Led by star players Mya, Gloria, Bella, and Alana, this team has been dominating the court all season long. With their exceptional skills and determination, they finished the regular season with an impressive record of 22 wins and only 9 losses, going head-to-head against some tough competition.

But their journey didn’t end there. These talented athletes took their game to the next level as they entered the playoffs in Division 2. And boy, did they make some waves! They faced off against formidable opponents, including Riverside Poly, Los Osos, and Fairmont Prep HS, and emerged victorious in each thrilling match.

Now, their biggest challenge awaits them as they gear up to take on the number 1 school in Division 2. This game, scheduled for February 17th, promises to be an epic battle that will test the mettle of our undefeated team. The excitement is palpable as they prepare to leave it all on the court and showcase their skills once again.

The entire community is rallying behind these talented athletes, showing unwavering support and admiration for their hard work and dedication. The team has become a symbol of unity and inspiration, bringing people together to celebrate their achievements.

No matter the outcome of the upcoming game, this girls’ basketball team has already made history. Their undefeated run in the league and their journey to the playoffs are a testament to their unwavering spirit and the incredible talent they possess.

So, let’s gather our pom-poms, don our team colors, and cheer on our girls’ basketball team as they continue to make us proud. We’ll be eagerly awaiting the results, knowing that win or lose, they have already proven themselves to be champions in our hearts.


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