How insecurities affect highschool students


We don’t always see how insecurities affect highschool students. Some students might make unhealthy choices and decisions because of these insecurities. How do students cope with their insecurities? Different students have different ways of coping. People may not see how their words may affect others in harmful ways. That may discourage students from doing their work or trying to become better students in school, which can lead to depression, stress, and low self esteem. 

Students have many insecurities about their body and always focus on what other people might have to say about them. Furthermore, a student’s mindset can make them feel like they aren’t attractive enough or good enough. We sometimes believe we have to change our looks for validation. When students have low self esteem they tend to try to impress others so they can feel good about themselves. Not all students know who to ask for help. Many find hobbies to distract themselves and some students may even find a sport or go to the gym. 


One way that students can express themselves is by what they wear. Students’ clothing choices can often can represent who they are. Students can socialize with other students who might wear the same style of clothes. Clothes can also show what you may like or dislike such as the pictures or wording. Social media can also influence what students wear.  Another way they express themselves is by dying or cutting their hair. Students feel the need to look a certain way  because of how judgmental people are. Students can become depressed because of this so they find ways to cope. Students can cope with their problems and feelings by reading, working out, listening to music, meditating, or doing anything they enjoy.


Kayla Medina, a senior, stated, “the insecurity I go through is my height. I’m 5 ft tall, the shortest in my friend group and most people around me, it has its advantages but at my age now it’s not the best, but i’m considered fun size.” 

Brian Reyes, a freshmen, stated, “probably having a lot of body fat and not having any muscle, it was just one of my friend we probably where just messing around but it still got me thinking about it.”

Sergio Abergo, a freshman, stated, “my body my arms my stomach my face people might look at me different.”

An anonymous student stated, “my main insecurities that i have is my body and mostly my face. I have to find self love within myself and try to love my body.”