Boys Volleyball


The Buena Park Boys Volleyball program is quite new to the school. This 2023 season is only the second year of the program. Starting off with our amazing coach Jonathan Blea, not only is he a coach he is also an english teacher. Coach Blea has been coaching tennis and volleyball for 5 years now and has been teaching for 6 years. We hope for them to have the best year of their year.

Mr. Blea says he has always loved sports,mostly playing them and he felt like this would be a great opportunity to get involved in other parts of the school. He loves the bonds he builds with students on the court. Coach says he likes seeing the progress that his players make day to day. It’s fun to see how much they grow and how they develop as a team. Mr.Blea likes to  follow coaches on instagram who know what they are talking about and give free tips to other coaches. He also says coach Donny is a cool coach who gives good advice about volleyball.

Starting with Daniel Kwon He is currently a junior here at Buena Park High and has been playing on varsity for two years now and is going on 3. Daniel says he would watch people play and it made him interested in joining.Mr.Kwon says if he could get any scholarships he would absolutely play at a college level he also says his team motivates him to do better and work harder. He also says one of the best things he likes about p;aying is getting the crowd hyped after a point.

Next is Angel Iribe He is currently a Junior at Buena Park High. Angel says he used to play volleyball as a kid in Mexico but he moved and stopped playing but went back to playing in high school. He says his older brother also joined last year so that made him want to join also. Angel says his team motivates him to be a better player and do better at the game, he says they all try to help each other be better and do better. “My team’s energy helps me a lot,also thinking about getting my coach a win and the people in the stands, which boost up my confidence by a lot. 

Lastly, is Junior Carlos Cervantes Mendez, this is Carlos first year of playing varsity volleyball. He plays defensive specialist and middle blocker. He says some friends convinced him to play volleyball and it looked fun to him. He says his coach and teammates motivate him to do better on the court. Once again coach Blea and his teammates helps Carlos have confidence on the court.

As you can see, Buena Park’s Boys Volleyball team is a very hard working team. Not only are they good at their sports but they are amazing supportive students and teammates  on and off the courts and field. We hope to see more and more students, teachers and parents at all of our sport events.