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As the school year winds down, Buena Park High School takes a moment to reflect on our sports achievements with pride and gratitude. From the thrilling victories on the baseball diamond to the tenacity shown by our softball team, each sport has brought excitement and a sense of accomplishment. Our athletes have poured their hearts into every game, embodying the spirit of teamwork and dedication that defines Buena Park sports. But beyond the wins and losses, it’s the lessons learned and the bonds formed that truly stand out. Whether it’s overcoming adversity on the field or cheering on teammates from the sidelines, our athletes have shown resilience and sportsmanship throughout the year. As we bid farewell to another memorable sports season, we carry with us the memories of our triumphs and the friendships forged, knowing that Buena Park High School will continue to shine bright on and off the field in the years to come.


Fall sports


Buena Park High School’s football team has made headlines this season, securing 5th place in the league with a  6-6 record, highlighted by a memorable victory over longtime rivals, Sunny Hills. Despite facing formidable opponents, the coyotes showcased resilience and unity. As the season concludes, Buena Park’s football program stands poised for future success, fueled by their hard-earned achievements and the leadership of standout players like their most valuable player (MVP)  Danny Washington.  Senior Danny Washington’s stellar performances on the field played a pivotal role in the team’s success, inspiring his teammates and fans.

Coach Prieto’s journey in football started at Mount San Antonio College before playing Division 1 football and eventually transitioning to coaching, where he has spent over a decade shaping young athletes. Proud of his time at Buena Park, Coach Prieto’s passion for the game and dedication to his players shine through. Always striving for excellence, his legacy is defined by hard work, teamwork, and an unwavering commitment to improvement, inspiring both on and off the field.

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MVP Danny Washington


Diego Reyes: “Our year could have gone better but it is what you know. My favorite memory was blowing out Savanna 70 to 0. I would have probably been more dedicated showing up to practice. I would like to play in the future. I have some options. Shoutout to my boys j2 and Danny, they are some dogs.”


Boys Water Polo: 

Buena Park High School’s boys water polo team has had a standout season, clinching 3rd place in the league with an impressive 16-14 record and advancing to the second round of CIF playoffs. However, the crowning moment of their season came when they won over Troy, marking their first victory against the rival team in two decades. This win not only showcased the team’s talent and perseverance but served as a symbol of their dedication to breaking barriers and rewriting history in the pool. The coyote’s remarkable season will be remembered for years to come, inspiring future generations of athletes at Buena Park High School. Sophomore Jose Cervantes emerged as the team’s MVP, showcasing skills and determination in the pool. Despite facing tough competition, the team’s resilience and determination,  caused them to earn victories and make their mark in the postseason.

Coach Shane, a Buena Park High School graduate, has been an outstanding swim and water polo coach for the past five years. With 200 wins under his belt and a CIF championship victory in 2016, he’s done an incredible job leading the program. His dedication and passion have made a lasting impact on both the teams and the athletes.

MVP Jose Cervantes


Issac: “It was good, it was fun. Hanging out with the guys. Train more. Probably not. Just the guys on the polo team.”


Yony: “It was a great season. You know we beat a lot of hard opponents. My favorite memory was beating Troy because they were league champions for over 20 years. I would have done differently was to step up more and put more work in. After high school, I don’t think so. I would like to shout out to my teammates.” 


Girls volleyball:

Buena Park High School’s girl’s volleyball team had a tough season, finishing with a 2-20 record and landing 6th place in the league. Despite the challenges, they never gave up, fighting hard in every match. MVP Kaylaa huhn stood out not just for her skills on the court, but also for being a bright and inspiring leader. She’s not only a great athlete but also an academic scholar. Her determination and smarts motivated the team to keep going even when things got tough. Though they didn’t take home any trophies, the Coyotes showed real grit. They may not have won every game, but they won respect for their resilience.

Coach Blea is immensely proud of his girls, despite not having a winning season. The bond he shares with the team is what truly matters to him. This connection became even more special around the time of the birth of his first child. The support and camaraderie within the team have made this season unforgettable for him.

MVP Kaylaa huhn

Avalua: “It went alright. When we won games. Win more games. I will not be playing in the future.”


Merari: “I feel that it was enjoyable and I made a lot of memories. My favorite memory is when my teammate Angela fell when she was going for the ball. What I would have done differently was to address a plan to win or to be more of a leader. I would like to play in the future but not professionally. Shoutout to Angela.”


Girls tennis: 

It’s been an exciting season for Buena Park’s tennis team, with players giving their all on the courts. From seasoned pros to fresh faces, everyone’s been pushing themselves and learning from each match. There’s a real sense of pride in representing the school, and the team’s passion is what keeps them going, striving for success with every swing of the racket

Coach Blea last year as the tennis coach was a sad ending but he is excited for new things to come.

MVP Emily 


Ana: “I think we were pretty strong at the beginning. We won a lot of games in the preseason but we didn’t finish strong. One of my favorite memories was beating La Habra. I would have probably put in more time and effort. I will be playing for fun, nothing serious.”


Alexis: “It went well even though we didn’t win as much, we still tried our best. My favorite memory was getting food after away games. I would like to try and motivate my team more. I will just be playing for fun. I would like to shout out to my coach.”


Winter sports

Girls basketball:

Buena Park High School’s girl’s basketball team soared to new heights this season, clinching first place in the league with an impressive record of 22-11 and making it to the semifinals in Division 1. Their journey was marked by teamwork, determination, and a relentless drive to succeed on the court. Leading the charge was sophomore Bella Harmon, who not only showcased her outstanding skills but also demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, earning her the title of MVP. As they reflect on their remarkable season, the girls can take pride in their achievements and look forward to continued success in the future.

Coach Wiley, in his second year at Buena Park, had a promising season with his young team. Although the season ended in a disappointing loss, he views it as a valuable learning experience. Coach Wiley remains optimistic about the future, knowing that the team’s youth and potential will lead to greater successes in the coming years.

MVP Bella Harmon

(Interview of athlete )

Ava: “I feel like it went really well. We went far but I feel like we can do better next year. My favorite memory is when Bella hit a game-winner. Something I would like to do differently was to be a better teammate. I would like to play in the future.” 


Gloria: “I feel like it was great we went really far. I don’t really have a favorite memory. Yes, I will be playing after high school.”

Girls water polo: 

The girls’ water polo team from Buena Park had an awesome season, racking up an impressive 23 wins against 7 losses overall, and snagging 6 victories out of 8 league matches, landing them in a solid second place. They fought their way to the semifinals in Division 3, showcasing their skills and teamwork along the way. Senior Jaiden Cervantes stood out as the team’s MVP, bringing leadership and talent to every game. Her dedication motivated the team to give their all, making their season one to remember.

Coach Shane is incredibly proud of his girls for having a great season and making it to the semifinals. Although they fell just short of their ultimate goal, their hard work and determination have been remarkable. He couldn’t be prouder of their achievements and the strong team spirit they’ve shown throughout the season.

MVP Jaiden Cervantes


Zoey: “I feel like the season went pretty good.  My favorite memory was making friends. I would have done nothing differently. I will not play this sport in the future. Shoutout Jaiden and Jayden Starr.”

Boys basketball:

The boys’ basketball team wrapped up their season with a record of 12 wins and 16 losses, earning them a 6th-place finish in the league. It was a challenging journey filled with intense competition and hard-fought games. Despite facing tough opponents, the team showed resilience and determination on the court throughout the season. Jayden Barnes, Despite his youth, Barnes exhibited extraordinary talent and leadership, earning him the coveted title of Most Valuable Player along with Omar Flores. There contributions on the court were invaluable, as he consistently delivered clutch plays and inspired his teammates with his determination and skill.

In Coach summers first season coaching the boys’ basketball team after their previous coach left, Coach summers stepped up to the challenge. Despite the initial uncertainty, the boys managed to have a pretty decent season. They showed real grit and determination, adapting well to Coachs style of coaching. It wasn’t easy, but they worked hard, learned a lot, and made their coach proud.

Co. MVP Jayden Barnes, Omar Fores


Braxton: “Our season was trash. My favorite memory was playing around with my teammates during practice. Take out my transfer so I could have played more. Yes, I hope so. Shoutout Richie.”


Omar: “It went pretty bad but the future is bright. My favorite memory was going to Catalina Island. I would have liked to win more. Of course, I will be playing in the future. Shoutout my guy Jaxson.”

Boys soccer:

The guys’ soccer team had an impressive season, finishing with a strong record of 17 wins, 8 losses, and 3 ties. Their performance earned them a respectable 3rd place in the league standings and making it all the way to semifinals. Throughout the season, they showcased their skill, teamwork, and determination on the field, consistently giving their all in every match. Despite facing tough opponents, they remained focused and resilient, fighting for every goal and victory. Their success is a testament to their hard work and dedication both in training and during game time. Yandel, the star keeper, clinches MVP with crucial saves.

Coach Ursula proudly celebrates her boys’ soccer team for securing second place in the league and earning a spot in the CIF playoffs. Their hard work, dedication, and teamwork truly paid off this season.

MVP Yandel Saucedo 







Edwin: “It was cool we made it far. My favorite memory scoring against Saddleback. I wouldn’t change anything. I will be playing this sport in the future. Shoutout to my team.”

Girls soccer:

The girls’ soccer season ended with a record of 12 wins and 14 losses, placing them 5th in the league. Despite the ups and downs, senior Hailey Mireles stood out as the team’s Most Valuable Player. Her exceptional skills, leadership, and dedication on the field were evident in every game. Mireles’ contributions played a vital role in the team’s performance throughout the season. As the MVP, her impact extended beyond the field, inspiring her teammates and leaving a lasting legacy for the team.


MVP Hailey Mireles

Jessica: “I feel like we could have done better. I think my favorite memory was messing around with my friends. I would have not given up so easily. Yeah I will be playing in the future. I would like to shout out my team.”


Spring sports


The swim season at Buena Park High School has been nothing short of impressive. The girls’ team made waves by securing a remarkable 4th place overall in CIF, showcasing their talent and determination in every stroke. Meanwhile, the boys’ team made a splash with a top 14 finish and an impressive haul of 15 medals in CIF. Their hard work and dedication paid off, with each swimmer leaving it all in the pool and representing their school with pride. As the season comes to a close, Buena Park’s swimmers can look back with pride on their achievements, knowing they’ve left a lasting mark on the water and set the bar high for seasons to come.



Emma: “I think it was well and I know I could have done better. My Favorite memory was the lockdown drill at Troy. I will not be playing next year I want to enjoy my senior year. Something I would have done differently was to take the sport more seriously cause I only started to take it seriously towards the end. I would like to shout out to the whole team.” 


Liam: “I think it went pretty well. My favorite memory was having downtime and hanging out with my friends. I would have done nothing differently. I will be playing this sport in the future.” 



As the track season at Buena Park High School comes to a close, there’s a mix of nostalgia and pride in the air. Athletes reflect on the highs and lows of the season, cherishing the memories made and the friendships formed. It’s been a journey of growth and camaraderie, with each athlete pushing themselves to new limits and supporting their teammates. While the races may be over for now, the lessons learned and the bonds forged on the track will endure, shaping the athletes for years to come.







Brenda: “I think it went pretty well. My favorite memory was breaking 6 mins. I felt like I should have put in more time. I plan on doing this sport after high school.” 


Josh: “I felt it went pretty well even though it was my first year. My favorite memory was hitting a sub 18 times. I think starting sooner is what I would’ve done differently. I will be doing this sport in the future. Shoutout to my mom.”



As the wrestling season wraps up, there’s a mix of pride and nostalgia. Wrestlers look back on the challenges, victories, and bonds formed. It’s been intense, with grueling training and exhilarating matches. They’ll carry the lessons of discipline and resilience with them, knowing the memories made will last a lifetime.

Jaqueline Orosco: “I feel like it went pretty well. My favorite memory was doing different league duos and feeling support from my coaches. I feel like I would have changed my mindset. I do want to wrestle in college. I would like to shout out to my coaches and teammates.” 


Daniel: “I liked my season. I felt like I could have done better. My favorite memory was getting a pin. I wish I had taken practice more seriously. I will be playing next year.”


Buena Park’s boys baseball had a standout season with a 23-6 record, clinching 2nd place in the league. Their teamwork and dedication shone through in every game, showcasing their talent and commitment to success. While just missing the top spot, their impressive performance left a lasting mark on the field.


Ryan: “It’s going pretty well, it’s been a great season. My favorite memory was sweeping La Habra. I would change not taking some teams lightly. Yes, I will be playing after high school. I would like to shout out Alex.”


The girls’ softball season at Buena Park High School was a rollercoaster of excitement and determination. With a record of 12 wins and 14 losses, they secured a 5th place spot in the league standings. Mia Gonzalez’s pitching was nothing short of amazing, keeping opponents on their toes with her skill and precision on the mound. Meanwhile, senior Samantha Orozco made her mark with some incredible hits, including memorable home runs that electrified the crowd. Despite the ups and downs, the team’s spirit remained strong, fueled by their passion for the game and their support for each other. As the season comes to a close, Buena Park’s softball team can look back with pride on their achievements and the memories they’ve created on the diamond.


Jazelle: “It was okay. I feel like we could have done better. My favorite memory was playing in front of the colleges. I would have liked to practice more. Yes, I will be playing this sport in the future.” 


As the golf season concludes, there’s a notable highlight: senior Isaac Cabrera’s impressive journey to CIF. His dedication and skill have taken him far, showcasing his talent on the course and earning him a spot among the top competitors. While the season comes to an end, Cabrera’s achievement serves as a source of inspiration for the team and a testament to his hard work and perseverance.


Michael: “I feel like it was a good season but I felt like I could have done better. I liked the prelims, probably my favorite memory. I would have probably taken more time with my swings. I would like to thank Mr. Chang for helping me.” 



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