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School Lunch Activities

School Lunch Activities

Buena Park High School has many activities that students can attend during lunch. They are usually on Fridays or special days. Many students attend these, but some feel they aren’t enjoyable. We interviewed multiple people on their views on the current activities and if there should be different ones added. 

Sean Macintosh, a student, was our first interviewee. He thinks the lunch activities are okay right now. He feels like the school should add more activities to do during lunch like ping pong. He thinks having more activities during lunch would be more beneficial to students and make them be more social.

We next interviewed Raylinn Kelling, a student here at Buena Park. She believes that the lunch activities are entertaining and they should add more. She claims that the benefits of this are that there are a lot of people doing these activities and it helps bring out people’s inner child. 

Next, we interviewed a teacher, Colonel Miller. He doesn’t participate in school activities and thinks it’s distracting. He also thinks adding stuff like tether ball, ping pong, or monkey bars would be more of a grade school thing. 

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We then interviewed LIna Arslanian, a staff member at the school. When asked about if we should ask activities she responded that there should be an option of anything athletic and see if anyone shows up, and “maybe dodgeball would be fun”. She believes activities should be once a week on Fridays because 30 minutes is a tough time unless the activities are quick. She also claims most kids go off campus because “we don’t have enough entertainment during school”, but she understands why.

The next person we interviewed was a student teacher, Marcus Reveles.  He is too busy lesson-prepping to know about the activities at lunch, but he’d love to know more about them. When asked about adding more activities. He says “If the students want new activities, then the school should look into it.” He believes that there are definitely benefits from our current activities. He claims that students need to be active and these help release energy before class. 

Next, we interviewed Liam Gallego, a sophomore at Buena Park. He doesn’t really feel like there’s a lot to do during lunch and he would want more activities to be added like tether ball or ping pong. He thinks it would greatly benefit students’ happiness and fitness.

  The last person we interviewed was Kingston Olmedo. another student at Buena Park.  He thinks there should be more activities and ping pong would be good because it requires less space. He thinks adding new activities would help more students be engaged and increase our attendance rate. 

Based on these interviews, we can conclude that many people want new activities, some don’t care, and some don’t want to change anything. We can also see that these activities can help students socialize more. 

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