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Agriculture is a fascinating field with many interesting things for everyone. Here at Buena Park we have such an outstanding Agriculture program.

 Sustainability: Agriculture practices are evolving to focus on sustainable techniques that help preserve the environment and conserve natural resources. This includes the use of organic farming, crop rotation, and precision farming techniques. Technological advancements in agriculture has been greatly impacted by technology. From advanced machinery like tractor drones and automated irrigation systems to precision farming tools using GPS and sensors, technology is revolutionizing how farmers work and increasing efficiency.

Vertical farming: This innovative method of growing crops is gaining popularity in urban areas. Vertical farms use vertical space to grow plants indoors, utilizing hydroponics or aeroponics systems. This allows plants to be grown all year round using less space and water compared to traditional farming methods Genetic engineering and crop improvement: Scientists are constantly exploring ways to improve crops by modifying their genetic makeup. This can lead to crops that are more resistant to pests, diseases, and drought, providing better yields and enhancing food security.

Agricultural robotics: Robots are increasingly being used in agriculture for various tasks like seeding, weeding, harvesting, and even livestock management. These robots offer increased productivity and help reduce labor-intensive processes. These are just a few examples of the cool things happening in agriculture. If you have any specific areas of interest within agriculture, feel free to head back to AG01 and ask one of our agriculture leaders Ms. Nordstrom!

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Alexis Villa is a freshman excited to come into Buena Park High School and be apart of Journalism with Mr. Arnold who makes the class super fun!! Alexis likes the experience of interviewing new people and just having conversation. When Alexis is not doing stuff related to school she's usually at a tumbling gym, helping a Buena Park cheer/football program or just sleeping!

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