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Paw Prints

Paw Prints

BPHS Robotics Program

 Let's dive deeper into the fascinating realm of the Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics Program in Buena Park. This program truly stands out as a rare gem in the area, offering students an unparalleled...

Coyote Highlights: The Various Avenues Students Could Take After High School Academics

As the school year comes to a close and Graduation Day comes closer, it leaves seniors with a serious question; What do you want to do after high school?   With so many options, it can lead the average...

CAASPP Testing

CAASPP Testing

Jaxson Valbuena, Jayden Hayden, and Gabriel Garcia April 30, 2024

The students of California schools are always asking the question: what is CAASPP testing? CAASPP stands for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, a statewide testing program in...

Womens History Month

Women’s History Month

This year's Women’s History Month theme is Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. This is the month when we recognize all of the aspects of women’s influences. Women's History Month...

Stuart Tay

The Murder of Stuart Tay

Jay Carroll and Brooke Weber February 29, 2024

Even the smartest, most unassuming students, are capable of horrific things. It’s New Year's Eve, only hours away from ringing in 1993! A 17-year-old student from Foothill High School decides to go...

Interviewing Staff and Students on their favorite Artist

Interviewing Staff and Students on their favorite Artist

Jayden Hayden and Jaxson Valbuena February 1, 2024

This week we asked around Buena park highschool to find out which music genres are the most popular and what artists are most popular from those genres. From asking around we find out that rap and pop...

The influence of 5Star on Buena Park High School culture

Who doesn’t love going to school games, leaving school during lunch hours, or participating in BP activities? Well, students at Buena Park High School enjoy all of these acts. Our Coyotes are very interested...

How can Social Media affect Mental Health?

Social Media is used by 97% of students every day. A lot of students are influenced by the posts they see online. In this article, we interviewed some staff and students on what their opinions are on social...

All About Avid

Alexis Villa, Jacob Cortez, Anthony Irons, and Jayden Moore November 29, 2023

The Buena Park Avid Program is set to help you for college prep starting from freshman year all the way until senior year. Avid stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination where...

Freshman vs Senior First day

Everyone’s first days of school are different. They change depending on the grade level and which teachers they have. The seniors' and the freshmen’ first days are drastically different. One is the...

Interviewing Student-Athletes & Administrators about the RISE UP Tutoring Program

Tony Davis and Jayden Starr Smith September 1, 2023

After the arrival of Athletic Director Mykeal Terry, a new tutoring system was implemented to ensure the academic success of BPHS student-athletes. The phrase “student-athlete” is one that administration...


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