Chromebook Chargers


Here at Buena Park High School, students are provided with Chromebooks to complete their class and homework assignments. All BPHS students are expected to bring their Chromebooks fully charged to school each and every day.  Yet, it seems like many students have to borrow chargers from teachers because their Chromebooks die during the day.

Some students are diligent in keeping their Chromebooks charged like BPHS senior Vanessa Andrade who “always carries a charger” and Sophmore Tristan Mendoza who charges it “during the night.” They both say their Chromebooks lose charge when they are on them constantly. 

However, there are others who are constantly borrowing chargers from their teachers. Spanish teacher, Mrs. Blas has extra chargers available in her class if students need one. She only gets annoyed if someone asks for one “if it is a repeat offender” and “reminds them to bring their own charger.”

English/Theater teacher, Mr. Galindo also keeps extra chargers on hand in case students’ Chromebooks die.  He isn’t bothered when people need a charger stating “If they need one and I have one, I have no issue giving it to them.” Both Mrs. Blas and Mr. Galindo also keep extra Chromebooks on hand should a student need one. 

It is better if students can charge their Chromebooks each night after they are done using them.  You should also bring your charger to school with you if you know that your Chromebook dies during the day.  However, if there are times when you forget, either to charge it or bring a charger with you, you can check with a teacher to see if you can possibly borrow one.  Most teachers here at BPHS have at least one spare charger on hand. They may even have a spare Chromebook should you accidentally leave yours at home.  However, the best practice is to bring your Chromebook fully charged each day.