Softball Article

Softball Article

Softball season started and we began to cheer for them as they started playing games against other schools. We interviewed 3 members of the softball team, and we asked them more about themselves and how they started to play softball. The people who were interviewed from the softball team included Daniella Orozco who’s a senior, Savannah Salgado who’s also a senior, and last but not least Justine Elizabeth Lucero who’s a freshman. 


   We began asking questions to Daniella Orozco, she’s a senior at Buena Park high school. We first started by asking her why she decided to join softball. Daniella decided to join the Softball team here at BHPS because she always wanted to continue her softball journey and also she wanted to help the Softball Program for the better, which they have. Daniella was asked one thing she likes about softball, and she responded, “One thing I like about high school softball is the different people you meet along the way. I’ve shared my talents with these people and I’ve also been able to give and receive feedback from my peers and coaches. “ 


    Daniella has been playing softball since she was 6, so for about 12 years now. She learned how to play softball from her dad, and coaches in wreck ball. “My dad would take my younger sister and me to the park after school to help us get better. From there on, I took in all the constructive criticism and put it all together.” In Daniella’s opinion, something that softball has that is special or different from other sports is that “Softball has the foundation of bringing others together to work as one. In order to succeed in this sport communication is a key factor. No matter what is going on off the field, I’ve learned to set my outside life apart from how I perform on the field. So I would say that softball has the ability to help players, such as me, to be able to control their minds and body to work as one. We’re on the road to success!”


   The second Softball player we interviewed was Justine Elizabeth Lucero, a freshman at Buena Park high school. Justine decided to join softball because she enjoys being on the field when playing, and she claims playing softball distracts her from stuff going on at home or other stuff around her. Some things she likes about softball is that it helps to keep your body moving and in shape, and that it also helps with social skills.“Being able to just forget about the real world for a while and just focus on that moment on the field and only thinking about what your next move is going to be.” This is what makes softball enjoyable for her.


    Justine has been playing softball for about 4-5 years now. “I actually learned to play softball just by helping my cousin practice a few years back and it turned out that I was actually pretty good and ever since then I have been playing.” Justine believes that softball has a better way of getting people to connect.


     The final softball player interviewed was Savannah Salgado, a senior here at Buena Park high school. She decided to join Softball because it’s the sport that she loves and enjoys playing. One of the things that she likes about softball is that she gets to build a sister relationship with her teammates. Savannah has been playing softball since she was 4 years old. “I honestly taught myself how to play alongside with my coach’s help but every day I would continue to work and work until I kept getting better and kept improving my skills.” Savannah thinks her teammates make playing softball more enjoyable. 

We ask what makes softball different from other sports, and Savannah says “With softball, you have to pitch underhand and not a lot of people know how to do that. They claim softball is easy but it is way far from being easy.”


   These are 3 of the softball players that we interviewed and we got to know more about them. We know what they like and the experiences that they have. We also know that these 3 softball players have years of experience playing this sport.