Emily Gonzalez

Have you ever thought about having a rabbit for a pet? Rabbits are very good pets to have because they are small and easy to take care of if you learn about them before you get one. You should study about having rabbits as pets before adopting one. Before someone gets a rabbit, they should know something about a rabbit’s background. It is helpful to know general facts about the pets you have.

 Rabbits have been around since the Pleistocene Epoch about 2.6 million years to 11,700 years ago. A rabbit’s pregnancy only lasts 30 days. Rabbits breed frequently and quickly since the pregnancy is so short. Therefore, unless you want a lot of rabbits, you should make sure if you are adopting more than one, that they are the same gender or you fix them. Rabbits prefer to have at least one other rabbit living with them.  They are social and don’t like being alone. There are over 300 domestic rabbit breeds. You should research what type of rabbit would be good for your home.

Before you get a rabbit, you need to know how to take care of them.  You need to make sure your home is safe for them and remove or cover anything that can hurt them.  They tend to chew things, so you want to make sure they can’t get to cords. If you choose to keep your rabbit in a cage, it must be let out for a few hours each day to get some exercise. If you let them be free-range rabbits, you need to make sure their area is secure and that you always look out for holes that they dig. Rabbits love to dig and if you don’t cover the holes, they may escape your yard. You need to be extremely careful of how you pick up a rabbit, as they can easily break their spine. You should watch videos to see the proper way to pick up a rabbit. They don’t really like to be picked up, so if you are looking for an animal to hold all the time, rabbits aren’t for you.

You will need to learn what rabbits can eat and what they should avoid. Rabbits need hay, vegetables, fruits, and pellets. Hay and clean water are mostly what a rabbit needs. They should have unlimited access to hay. Surprisingly, carrots should not be part of a healthy diet as they are high in sugar. You should never feed your rabbit iceberg lettuce, cabbage, corn, beans, peas, beets, onions, grains, or chocolate as it is bad for them. 

Rabbits are good pets to have as long as you learn about them before you get one. You should learn about your rabbit’s background, learn how to take care of them, and learn what foods to feed them as well as what foods to avoid. Once you do all this, enjoy your new rabbit.