Troy/Sunny vs. BP


Sebastian Santillan

Last week Buena Park’s female basketball team won against Troy and Su6nny Hills in Ten years which gave us our winning streak of four giving us our League score of 4-1.  The game led up to a 51-32 game knocking Troy off a potential winning streak and giving them a 1-1 League score then with Sunny Hills we went 43-40 giving them a losing streak of 3 along with a 2-3 League score.

Friday night January 10th 2023 Buena Park High School went against Sunny hills in an intense school rivalry game which had both sides playing as hard as they could, according to Analan White who’s in the 9th grade playing as a center for the team said “On the sunny game I was a little nervous because they are really good at shooting but luckily our team made the last minute buzzer beater.” To bring up what White said about the buzzer beater, Bella Harmon in the last five seconds of the game scored a game-changing three-pointer which went viral on social media and made BP win this game at 43-40. The athletes include Anala White who scored 21 points, Melia Hinojos who scored 5 points, S. Lendsey-Vann who scored 2 points, Bella Harmon who scored 12 points, and Chantyl Perry who scored 3 points.

“I think what stood out was how the team was playing. They had team chemistry and played well with each other. They might have had some mistakes in the game but they continued to play and that’s what matters” stated Emelly Macias.

The next game Buena Park vs Troy was on January 6th 2023 was a game that was a milestone which was how Buena Park beat Troy high school for the first time in ten years not only that we beat them 51-32 which resulted in them in having 1-1 League score and knocked them off a winning streak.  For the athletes in the game, it includes Chantyl Perry 2, Ava Wiley 3, Bella Harmon 13, S. Lendsey-Vann 14, Melia Hinojos 4, Alana White 15 which gave them overall 51 points. White comments about how “In the Troy game, I knew that we were going to win because we were up by 30 points” according to the athletes the game was a breeze since the team was up by thirty and then up by another twenty giving them a big score difference.

Be sure to spectate the next game for the girls is on Friday the 27th at the Sunny Hills gym at 6 pm also follow them @bpgirlsbasketball.