Christmas classics!


Rebekah Snyder and Brianna Chavez

Christmas time is for giving thanks, celebrating religion, and appreciating cultures. Almost everyone can relate to getting into the Christmas spirit by playing their favorite holiday music.

 Music can be powerful in society because it can “alter one’s mood” or “inspire change” in a person’s perspective and well-being. Christmas Music plays a particular part in the holiday because as it’s played people automatically associate it with the holiday, Christmas. 

We’ve asked a few people at BPHS about their favorite Christmas Songs. Here’s what they have to say!

Students at BPHS talk and join us about their perspective on Christmas music, which one is best? This all includes the main hit songs students have believed to be “catchy and loveable,” (Vargas, Andrea) having Ariana Grande & Mariah Carey in the lead. Mariah Carey is known as an “iconic and classic” artist and songwriter, says students. (Dymond Thompson and other students.)

Many students thought Christmas music had a negative impact on the holiday. Gabriela Hernandez, a BPHS senior, believed it to be, “overrated,” or “needed to be canceled!” While numerous students agreed with these statements, others began to differentiate. Dymond Thompson believes that Christmas music, “just makes the holidays that much better. I can’t put it into words. It’s a positive impact.” 

Over time, many famous artists have gained popularity by releasing iconic and phenomenal music. However, many people believe we need more artists to come out with new music. To embrace the Christmas season, artists frequently come out with holiday music. “Ariana Grande needs to make a comeback,” (Thompson, Dymond) and make a new iconic song like, “Santa, Tell Me.” 

Although beliefs differ between person to person, we can agree that Christmas music is timeless and sometimes, annoyingly catchy. Christmas Time is a time of endless joy for all. We’d love to hear more about what you all think of holiday tunes!