Snacking with high schoolers


Emily Gonzalez and Calleigh Ellis

Everyone likes to snack. Some people prefer sweets while others prefer salty snacks. There are so many snack options out there. There are chips, cookies, cupcakes, peanuts, crackers, and many more. And there are even options within each type of snack.  There are potato chips, tortilla chips, corn chips, Cheetos, and many flavors such as barbeque, sour cream and onion, nacho cheese, and many more. Despite there being tons of sweet, salty, spicy, and sour snacks… Fruits, like grapes, berries, apple or orange slices, and more can be snacks too!


 There are also spicy flavors. As for cookies, there are chocolate chips, Oreos, peanut butter, oatmeal, and more. There are many different snack types and flavors to appeal to everyone. Whether you prefer sweet or salty or spicy or not, there is an option out there for you. 


We interviewed a few Buena Park High School students about their favorite snack foods and brands! Buena Park High School senior, Amy Rodriguez, prefers sweets. Her favorite snack is “Hershey’s” When it comes to chips she prefers “regular” chips to spicy ones. In the debate of Doritos or Lays, she weighs in with Lays. 


Sophomore Alaina Benavides shared that her favorite snack is “goldfish.”  Between Doritos and Lays, she also prefers “Lays.” She, however, prefers spicy chips. BPHS Junior, Jasper Ellis’ favorite snack is “fruit.” He also prefers Lays to Doritos and regular chips to spicy ones. All of the students interviewed preferred Lays to Doritos. 


All in all, there are many different opinions about snacks and flavors. Everyone prefers something different to another peer. Many opinions vary and help others discover their tastes of what they prefer. All snacks have certain flavors that fall under sweet, spicy, savory, sour, and decadent.