Horror movie reviews of 2022

Horror movie reviews of 2022

Liz Becerra


     Have you ever been scared out of your mind? Well if not then you’re doing some wrong with your movie choices. The new movie Smile was released on September 30, 2022, and it was a blast of scary emotions .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcDK7lkzzsU

Going through this thrilling experience made me [Liz] realize that something so innocent as a smile can turn into something so horrific. The movie has an excellent storyline and everything all makes sense in some way. Starting off the movie, a patient comes into the mental hospital. She talks to the female doctor and explains how she sees nothing but smiles. Sooner or later the girl starts panicking, and then a glass breaks. The girl that is panicking ends up getting up and standing super straight but she is holding a piece of the glass in her hand, she is smiling with a creepy look and ends up cutting her face, while she is doing this she is still smiling. As she is doing this the lady who is supposed to help her is watching everything that is going on in shock. This ¨virus¨ transfers onto her and everything after that begins the story.. I got an interview with Serenity Matthew. The first question I asked her was “What was the scariest part of the movie, ¨I think the scariest part is when her mom turns into a monster” Another question I asked was, Do you think there will be a part 2 ? ¨she states personally she doesn’t think there will be ¨ lastly I asked would you recommend this movie to your friends and why. She said ¨yes I would it was really good. ¨  

        Getting a random phone isn’t scary but have you ever gotten a phone call and someone who passed away is talking..? The black phone movie was released on June 24, 2022. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eGP6im8AZA

This movie for me was about a 7 out of 10 to me(Liz). Watching this movie first starts out with a little girl and her older brother. Their household wasn´t the best because their dad

was an alcoholic and he used to beat the girl with a belt. They lived in a town where kids were going missing. One day while the girl and her brother were walking to school they noticed a black van around the corner and thought that was strange. Later in the movie, the girl sleeps over at her friend’s house and while the little boy was walking home the black van is there but the guy is outside with a mask on. The little boy notices that their balloons are in his van and asks are those balloons? The man tells him he is a magician and would like to see a magic trick. He then pulls the balloons out and hinds the boy and grabs him to put him in the van.. After that happens the boy wakes up in a basement with just a mattress that is locked to the floor and a black phone that supposedly doesn’t work because the cord was cut off. The kid starts yelling and is trying everything to escape. The boy grabs the phone to make a phone call, but then the bad man comes down and tells him the phone hasn’t worked since he was a kid. Basically now the boy realized he is now trapped and there’s no way out until the phone starts ringing he picks it up and it is from a kid from his school who has been missing for the longest he helps him become stronger so he can escape. The sister of the boy has dreams, where she can see, where he was at, kind of like vivid dreams. She ended up having a dream and knew his location so she alerted the cops but while she was doing this the boy was busy with the killer trying to kill him. The cops end up telling the boy from the kidnap and it ends with a happy ending. 

Movie Review ~ Barbarian – The MN Movie ManThe movie barbarian was released on september 9, 2022. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr89pmKrqkI. This horror movie has to be my least favorite horror movie in 2022. The reason is that it was super confusing to me, in one part something traumatic happened and then in another part, it was something else. The movie first starts off with a girl who rents a house out and realizes third another man in there. He opens the door and tells her that he rented it out so everyone is confused and she ends up staying the night in there after that she ends up staying for good. Things started getting really weird she finds an attic downstairs, so she ends up exploring it with the guy but turns out there was a monster that was down there it looked like a big baby but it was really horrifying. The baby ends up smashing the guys head in the wall but saves the girl it’s almost like she had a connection with the girl. Then the movie ends up switching sense to this man in a nice neighborhood and he ends up having to leave the city he is in right now and so he ends up leaving and booking a house where he can stay at but turns out it is that same house that the previous people were staying at. He ends up seeing that he’s not the only one in the house so he starts exploring it , then he finds the long attic and ends up seeing that big monster baby. The monster baby ends up trapping the guy and sees the girl . They end up trying to escape but the only one who made it out alive was the girl who ended up shooting the big monster baby in the head. Overall to me this movie was really confusing and didn’t really have a good story line.