Queen Elizabeth’s Reputation


Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning British monarch as well as the longest reigning female monarch in world history. Once her father King George VI passed away, she rose to power. The loss of the UK’s queen affected a lot of people in the UK but not for Americans. Here at Buena Park High School, students weren’t as familiar with what kind of person the queen was. Here’s one student’s thoughts on the queen. Aaron Lopez says he thought Queen Elizabeth II’s death was “fake.” One of our Buena Park english teacher’s, Ms. Bentely says she thought the Queen was someone who was “very poised and also very faithful to the well-being of her country” and countries that the United Kingdom could aid. She was very interested in being philanthropic and also maintaining control of the commonwealth. Ms. Bentley says she thinks the Queen lived a “very full life and was very influential world-wide.” When asked if she thinks the Queen had anything to do with princess Diana’s death, she responded with, “do I think it was a set-up? No I don’t. I don’t think the driver was framed or the paparazzies were framed. I think that is sort of like a ‘social narrative’ that is really destructive. I think it was negative time for the Kingdom but I think it’s mostly a reflection on how negative the culture of the Roytal Family is, more than some sort of conspiracy.”