Suicide prevention event


September 4, 2022 marks the start of Suicide Prevention month. Buena Park ASB took part in recognizing this event by sharing more intel on providing support for our students. Joshua Labrador, ASB Executive Vice President, gave us a brief understanding of how he feels and what he wants our school to gain during Suicide Prevention month. Joshua is the Filipino Club president, and is a member of the dance company, coyote thread cred club, tech club, math club, korean club, key club, and CSF! 

During lunch students had the opportunity to place their painted hands all over the “Suicide Prevention” poster, which included meaningful messasges from the students and the suicide hotline: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. Joshua wants to let students know that you’re never alone and they have people around them at school who can understand. ASB organized this event to provide words of encouragement for our students’ mental health. Another message from Joshua is, “just know that if you’re ever in a battle there is always people such as your friends, family, and counselors to help you keep going and moving forward.”