December Art Hour: Ashley Montano

Shantel Sanchez

Hey Coyotes! We’re starting a new series where we’ll spotlight an art project of the month. Today’s art project is by Ashley Montano, a 17-year-old senior at Buena Park High School. She made this art piece in her freshman year. She is inspired by nature, especially while she’s making art; she draws from a lot of shapes and colors she sees outside. Montano also takes dance class and is in the Dance Company cabinet. During her free time, she likes to read and do arts and crafts. She describes herself as more of a closed-off person, but with her close friends and family, she is extroverted. 

Montano’s project is very special in terms of the different shapes used to create an abstract image. She continued to talk about how she loved that her project was very unique and different. It represents a different side of her–her creative side, which is another way of expressing herself. The different shapes of her project express her creative thought processes. She knows the structure of her art isn’t perfect and uneven, but she likes the simplicity and modernness of it. Montano said she is very happy and amazed with the art that she makes.