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Spring break 24′


What is spring break? This break usually happens during the middle or the end of March and lasts a week or two. This year at BPHS spring break is earlier and is one week long. Spring break for students is when they get a break from school and call it a “vacation.” Dr. Messina a behavior therapist and psychiatrist says that,” students can get a bit of reprieve from hectic school responsibilities before finals and the last half of the school year.” For the most part most students look forward to this break because it’s in the middle of the year before finals come up and they get that important mental break. Students and staff members enjoy this time with their loved ones. This break also allows students to catch up on missing work at their own pace. 

On the contrary, like any other situation, there are cons to spring break that affect students, and parents. Students who have been progressing and getting their grades up usually fall back down because they need to keep up with studying or their classes in general. Many parents have their work schedule revolve around their kids’ school schedule and with them at home, they have no one to take care of them and will either have to lose work or pay to have someone take care of them. When students go back to school most of them enjoy talking about what they did over spring break, but some students may feel like they are less valued than others because they didn’t have the money to go out and do “fun” activities. Although spring break is fun because most students get the break they need some don’t enjoy it because school is their escape from home. 

Overall, everyone has their favorite part of spring break. When we interviewed students/staff, we got their feedback on their favorite parts. Most people’s favorite part of spring break or what they look forward to is sleeping in, traveling, spending time with others, and just relaxing. Students enjoy this time because it is 2nd semester the time when it is the most stressful before finals and they get this time to have a mental break. A mental break during a stressful time is important because it gives you time to reflect on what’s been going on in your life. When students come back the first couple of days will be tough because of sleeping schedules but they’ll have space to refresh their minds with the materials they left school with and most likely forgot about them.

The first student we interviewed was Emiliano Avila. He says he’s excited for spring break and gives it a 9 out of 10. We asked him what his plans were for spring break. He said, “I’m probably going to work, sleep in.” His favorite part of the break is getting rest and relaxing at home. His favorite place to go during spring break is the fields to go to practice. He says “It’s important for students because sometimes students need breaks, especially in 2nd semester when it gets more stressful.

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Next, we interviewed Freshman, Kayla Lavina. We asked her “On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for spring break?” She says “10 out of 10”. Her plans for spring break are to hang out with her mom and renovate her room. Her favorite part of spring break is the weekdays because she spends it with her mom. She said “I like to stay home.” We asked, “Why do you think spring break is important for students?” Kayla said, “It gives the kids a break from everything that’s going on.”

We then interviewed Graham Mendibles, he rates how excited he is for spring break as “6 out of 10.” His plan for spring break is to spend 2 weeks with his cousin. He said his favorite part of spring break is “hanging out and just not sleeping in, but you know making music.” His favorite place to go during spring break is going out and exploring nature. 

We interviewed Admin, Rodney Davis. We asked, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for spring break?” He said “Pretty excited, like spring break for me is a work time, so it is not like I get a chance to disconnect from everything I do, and as much as you guys bug, I like it here and so I’ll be missing you while we’re gone.” He coaches high school baseball at another high school and he has some games. So he will spend most of his time preparing his team for battle during spring break. We then asked, “What is your favorite part of the break?” He said “I like that you guys kind of get some time to reset and refresh, for me spring break, because of my career, hasn’t been a break. I’ve worked in baseball my entire adult life, and so spring break was always a time of work and tournaments, etcetera, etcetera.” He’s traveled all over the country and many places in the world, and some places have been during spring break. We then asked him “Where is your favorite place to go during spring break?” He answered, “Man, I have grandsons, so to get a chance to love up on them, that would be the best!” He thinks spring break is important for students because he thinks students need a little break and a reset before the end of the year. Students have been running a good course all year long and then we get to the 2nd half of the 2nd half of the year and so for students just to have time to refresh and reset and finish strong. He thinks that is important.

Lastly, we interviewed Sarah Godinez. We asked her “On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for spring break?” She said “10.” Her spring break plans are sleeping, working, and maybe going out with friends. Her favorite part of the break is getting a mental break from all the teachers and all the students because it gets overwhelming. Her favorite place to go during spring break is the mall with her friends. We asked, “Why do you think spring break is important for students?” She said, “It gives them a chance to unwind from all the teachers and all the stress and all the students, any problems they have going on in school.”

In conclusion, most of the people we interviewed had mixed emotions about spring break but it’s best to say that everyone agreed that we students need a break from learning. Our last long break was winter break so spring break is without a doubt a much-needed break.


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