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Routines For People With Pets


Pets have a big impact on our daily lives, as they require tons of care and attention. Pets are something we should value, meaning it’s essential to have a routine for our little friends. During the month of September, we interviewed 4 people from around the school. They shared their daily routines with their pets.


David Gonzalez, a senior here at Buena Park High School, was the first person we interviewed. The first thing David does with his cats when he wakes up and gets home, is feed them Friskies dry, and wet food. David hangs out with his cats as much as possible whenever he has the time. He owns four cats, Skinny cat, Young Runt, Pumpkin, and Stormy. He believes it is “pretty expensive” to take care of them, but it is easy and he doesn’t mind it.


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Angel Morelos, a sophomore at Buena Park High School, was also interviewed. He explained how he starts off his day with his pet by picking her up and petting her. He has a cat named Kitty, who he says is expensive to take care of. He feeds her cat food and then heads off to school. When he returns back home, he places her back on the bed and plays with her. He often hangs out with his cat. He is happy with her. 


Mr. Terry a staff here at Buena Park has 3 dogs that usually wake him up in the morning. He first starts his morning pet routine by opening the door so the dogs can use the restroom, he then feeds them dog food. When he gets home, his dogs watch him eat and he hangs out with them. He believes his dogs and their necessary products are not expensive, he pays about only 30 bucks a month for their food. Mr Terry claims his dogs are great guard dogs, and they are not hard to take care of.  


Lastly, we interviewed a sophomore at this school, Michael Morales. He immediately wakes up to play and throw around his cat. He and the cat enjoy playing around in the morning. He then gives him cat food. He says he doesn’t know the estimate of how costly it is to take care of his pet, but it is not expensive. When he returns back home, He lays down with his cat, pets him, and puts him on his body. He really enjoys the company of his cat. It helps him to get through the day.


Everybody has different routines with their pets. From just feeding them in the morning, to playing with them. Many people also use their pets for their needs, like guard dogs, or emotional support pets. Pets have a huge impact on our daily lives, they are like family to us. They bring happiness and support when we need them. We all love our little companions. It’s important for us to give them the best care and love in life.


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