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Buena Park has been an open campus for as long as anybody can imagine. There is so much controversy about having a gate put up. Imagining a non open campus would seem not normal for BP students. There are many people at Buena Park who are for the idea of putting up a gate, and many that are against it. All though being a non open campus would mean more safety for students and faculty. With the mindset some of the people in the world have, safety is everyone’s number one priority. Not only is safety a big factor but also education for students. Having a closed campus would mean that students wouldn’t have the freedom to just leave school whenever they want. With a gate around the school they wouldn’t be allowed to leave and miss class. Here at Buena Park we value our students’ education and class time.


 We got an idea to get opinions of both students and faculty of their own point of views on open campus. Here are just a couple of things both staff and students had to say.. 


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During an interview with our wonderful Principal, Dr. Berg states that he values our students freedom in choices of what they would like to eat. “There might be strategic fencing.” says Dr. Berg. Strategic fencing doesn’t mean that there would be a gate surrounding the entire school, it would be area’s that we want to keep people out of. With that said Buena Park would still be a semi-open campus with all of the same rules. Upperclassmen will still have the privilege of being allowed off campus during lunch. 


With the time we spent interviewing our Assistant Principal of Student Affairs, Mr.Kailiponi he says “It is difficult if a student is not in class to locate them.” With having an open campus mean’s students can be anywhere at any time during the day. Especially when they leave the campus for lunch it’s claimed to be difficult getting everyone in class without them being tardy.



Right here we will show pictures if the open campus-

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Alexis Villa
Alexis Villa is a freshman excited to come into Buena Park High School and be apart of Journalism with Mr. Arnold who makes the class super fun!! Alexis likes the experience of interviewing new people and just having conversation. When Alexis is not doing stuff related to school she's usually at a tumbling gym, helping a Buena Park cheer/football program or just sleeping!

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