2023 school year

Angelica Luna and Gero Anguiano

As you can see the 2023 school year is coming to an end, we interviewed multiple students from all grade levels asking how their school year went. We are extremely excited and proud of all our seniors who are graduating this year.

Starting with Jothan Pineda, he is currently a sophomore at Buena Park High and on the varsity boys’ basketball team. He says one of his favorite memories from this school year is carpool karaoke. He and his friends would listen to music and sing while on the way to his basketball games. Jothan says to his upcoming 10th graders to never slack off and get all their work done, never wait till the last minute. He also says success means working hard for what you want and seeing your growth along the way even whether you succeed or not.

Next, is Bianca she is currently a junior at bphs she is also on the water polo team and swim. She says one of her favorite memories as a junior was to leave class and go to 7-eleven to get food with her best friend Eve. Bianca works after school and for fun when she isn’t doing anything. She also says one of her favorite memories in water polo was when she would fight or drown her friends during practice. Bianca says to upcoming juniors to just be themselves and have fun, less drama is the better she says. Success means to have a lot of money Bianca says.

Lastly is Eve, she is also a junior and on the Dance team at Buena Park High, her favorite memory was getting food at the burger place across the street and hanging out with her friends after and during school. Her favorite hobby to do during school was Dance, she also works in her free time. Her favorite memory was going to the football games at the beginning of the year she says she had the most fun there. Eve says just to have fun in high school and be involved you would make a lot more friends by joining clubs and sports. Having a good job means success to Eve. As you can see our students have had a fun and amazing year, meeting new friends and joining new sports to carpool karaoke. To all our upcoming freshmen we wish you the best of luck and try your hardest in all your classes even when you have no hope. WE BELIEVE IN YOU. And Congratulations to our class of 2023!!!