Students feelings about their next upcoming grade


As it is now officially the last month of the school year it’s time for everybody to pat themselves on the back and enjoy the summer!  It’s also important to reflect on how your year went and what they want to see next school year and what they want to improve for themselves. 

   We want to take the time to focus on an upcoming  junior and senior and have them reflect on their year at school since they will be coming back. 

   We began to interview Paola Mariscal. She’s a sophomore this year at Buena Park High School and next year she will be a Junior. We started off by asking how her sophomore year went and she responded “My Sophomore year of high school throughout and the little that remains is going quite well, each time I understand more things that I did not know before or that were difficult for me.” What she liked more about this year was that she was able to participate in the International Day, something that she quite enjoyed even though she was embarrassed of dancing in front of everyone. During this year she learned several things, both good and bad. Most of all, Paola lost fears that she had before, for example, when she had to present in front of the class, she learned that sometimes you need support to feel better. 

  We asked what she was expecting from her Junior year and she answered, “My expectations for the following year are to improve my grades this year and I think I can be a better student than this year or even be able to get involved in more clubs, and   more school events, enter different sports and graduate with honors.” Another goal she has is to be able to get a bilingual diploma and do more things that she didn’t do this year since she was quite afraid of not being able to communicate with other people. 

Some of the classes Paola’s taking next year are Medical degrees which maybe she can get in depending if she makes it in the soccer team, biology and US History. 

  We asked if she thought next year would be a fresh start for her and she answered “I believe that next year can become a new beginning since there are many things that I can improve during the summer so that in my next year I do not make the same mistakes as this year. I also believe that it can be a new beginning with the simple fact of that I can do many of the same things to maintain my good grades or even, as I said before, get involved in many more things that I couldn’t this year out of fear or simply out of shame, as well as helping new students from another school with several things. 

Some of the things Paola is planning on doing next year is to advance more classes to be able to have good grades, increase her credits, be able to enter the women’s soccer team, and focus more on what she’s going to study after she finishes High School. We asked in which sports or clubs she would be involved next year and she said “I plan to get involved in the soccer team and also the clubs I’m in right now, which are the Korean club and the Latin club, but if I can, I’ll also join another team or club.”

  Paola’s goals are that for next year she wants to continue to have good grades, be able to get out of ELD,  take any other classes and she also wants to take the AP   Spanish Exam. One of her favorite’s school events was the International day because she was able to see several dances from different clubs such as Filipino, Koreans and many more clubs. 

    We also interviewed an upcoming senior at Buena Park high school. His name is Edwin Gomez he responded with “My junior year was great, I met a lot of new people in my classes, and improved on my grades better than I did last year so that makes  me feel good.” We also asked him what Edwin expects from his senior. “What I expect out of my senior year is to graduate with solid grades and but I also want to finally get my first job my senior year so I can save money for my own car. 

   Moving forward we also asked Edwin what’s a few classes he get next year. “Im finally not going to take a math class no more so that makes me relieved. But a few classes I am taking are English of course, economics and drawing and paint. I plan on staying on top of my class work for I wont stress.” We asked if he thinks next year is gonna be a new start for you and Edwin said “I hope I achieve higher grades than I did my junior year and maintain doing my work in class for I don’t have to worry about completing it later.” 

 Further more, we also asked what’s something he’s planning on doing for his senior year “Edwin plans on getting his first job like he mentioned in the beginning, for his first car, also to learn a few more skills.” “I also want to make more memories with my friends since this will be my last year of high school.” Lastly, we asked a goal he has for next year and he told us “To stay on top of my grades and make memories” We asked what was his favorite event from his junior year and he described “My favorite memory from a school event was the football games because I would go with my friends then we would usually get food after and it was always fun.”