School Food


Emily Gonzalez and Calleigh Ellis

Here at Buena Park High School, they offer breakfast, lunch, and an after-school “supper”. You can get breakfast either before school or at lunch. At lunchtime, they have one line for breakfast and three for lunch. After school, they also offer supper. 

California is the first state to offer free school meals to all students. Prior to this year and before COVID, students had to fill out an application to obtain free meals. Some students were able to get the meals for free, and some had to pay. Some students that qualified for the free meals missed out because they missed the deadline to apply for the free meal program. All students get free school meals this year since Governor Newsom approved funds for the Universal Meals Program. 

The breakfast options range from cereal to honey buns to fruit/yogurt cups to waffles. The lunch options include cheeseburgers, taquitos, pasta, pizza, salad, burritos, and many more. You usually get about 5 choices each day. It is first come, first serve. The popular choices run out fast.  The after-school supper offerings are sandwiches, tamales, peanut butter, cheeseburgers, and many others. 

We checked in with some students here at BPHS to see what they thought of the free meals. As with any food in life, some of the meals are good and some not so good. And for each kid, what constitutes good and bad varies based on tastes. As for 16-year-old Junior, Yarely Pineda she likes the taquitos and her “least favorite is the bean and cheese burrito.” Agreeing with Yarely, Senior Jonathan Arroyo shares “Bean and cheese burrito just tastes bad to me.” When asked their opinions on the cheeseburgers, they both seem to agree that they are ok tasting with Jonathan saying he prefers the western cheeseburger.

It is great that the school offers so many different options. Be sure to head in each day to pick up some breakfast, lunch, or supper.