Senior Bucketlist

Senior Bucketlist

Bucket lists are several experiences or achievements a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. As explained, it’s a set of experiences or an achievement that someone would want to do: For example, a senior student would want to try at least to do a  senior prank, go to prom to become queen or king or do something that’ll be memorable for them after graduation. The question asked to the class of 2023 was what is on their senior bucket list.

Aisha Garcia was questioned about what’s on her senior bucket list to which Garcia responded by saying “I have fulfilled most of the things on my senior bucket list but the two things I want to do is to buy a new car. And the last thing is to find a way to be happy with how things will turn out.” Garcia’s reply was talking about how her senior bucket list is completed and the only real thing that Garcia was said to regret not doing is “Cutting off the people that didn’t care about me because the more time I consume my time worrying about those people, the more it’ll affect my school and grades.” 

Next, we have Shantel Sanchez, when asked about her list she stated that “Just have fun and enjoy my last year as a senior in high school” but when asked about any regrets she simply stated that “Participating more and focusing on my grades” was something she regrets not doing. But like most students, not all of them show up to school events(Sporting events, concerts, lunch activities, homecoming, and prom) which ends up being a regret to many students when they look back on their High School year. 

Next, Emely De Haro when asked about her senior bucket list, De Haro stated that “My senior bucket list is to go to every event possible and to get good grades.” But when questioned about any regrets for anything she missed out on, De Haro stated “I regret not speaking up and not living in the moment” which is something that most students can relate to since everyone would record a moment for memories which leads them not to appreciate what’s happening around them at the moment.

Emelly Macias explained the achievements and experiences she wants to do “To get a scholarship, ride the school golf cart, and have a senior trip with my friends somewhere.” Macias explained how she already had her senior bucket list ready since her junior year, but when questioned about any regrets Macias responded with “I just regret not trying out for other sports throughout my three years in high school.” The reason Macias said three years instead of four was because sophomore-year students worldwide had distance learning which stopped her from practicing.

JonAlfonso Dorotheo was questioned about what’s on his senior bucket list to which he stated that “I want to go cave diving. It’s going to be very dangerous and I think that would be fun” Dorotheo spoke about how the only thing he wants to do is go spelunking since to him it seems fun even if it can be scary, but when asked about any regrets Dorotheo responded “I regret not taking a sport and some classes like sports med” which has been a unique response since most students don’t regret the classes they did or didn’t take.

For the class of 2023, be sure to complete your senior bucket list with no hesitation by the end of the year. Be sure to enjoy the last couple of weeks of school and make the most of it with your friends.