Football 2023


Angelica Luna and Gero Anguiano

On Friday October 18, 2022 Buena Park High School had their last football game of the season. For the seniors on the field, this was the last game they would play as a Coyote. The seniors played a great role on the team. Some got hurt but they still got up and did what they had to do. Now it’s time for the upcoming seniors of the class of 2024 to step up. 

  We interviewed senior Jayden Costa, who was a star last year! He says that his experience of the last season was a good one. He felt that some mistakes were made but that it was overall a good season. Jayden believes that the seniors on the team had a big impact and played an important role due to their experience. He advises the underclassmen to do more training and build their team chemistry to achieve the same success. He believes that growing team chemistry will help improve the team’s overall effort on the field. He believes the team will continue to succeed if chemistry is a focus. Team chemistry will also make the other teammates more familiar with each other’s positions. Jayden Costa’s wish is for next year’s team to make it to CIF playoffs.

We went ahead and interviewed Junior Danny Washington, who will be a senior next year. He says he plans on playing his heart out, leaving everything he has on the field, and pursuing his dream of playing at the next level. Danny, along with most of the team, says that this year is going to be something special. “I really think we can turn this program around,” Danny said. “What really gives me confidence is my ability to know what’s happening at all times in the field. Once I get a feel for the game I can really just believe in myself and my team and work to achieve a good result,” Danny continued. Having confidence on the field can help players avoid experiencing anxiety or nervousness.

We also spoke to another junior and upcoming senior of the class of 2024. Allen Boswell plans to continue to play football in high school his senior year. He would like to continue on the college level as well. We asked him how he felt about his junior season. He said “I feel good, I think we have a lot of potential.” He said he chose football as his sport because he likes the team environment; he enjoys the feeling that they’re together as a team. He also relishes football because it releases some of his stress. We asked if he has anything he could improve on and he said, “I think my weakness isn’t mental, it’s more physical like my arms. I think I could work on them.” He said he feels confident being on the football field.  We also asked how he felt about his coaches. He said “I feel like we have a good coaching staff. We have plenty of coaches for everything and they are all knowledgeable and good at what they do.”

Finally, Coach Kulp has been an educator and coach at BPHS for almost 5 years now. He says the best coaches listen to their players, and do not stay fixed in their ways because situations are always going to change. He also says that what makes an excellent player is being coachable, someone who listens to their coaches and also does not get fixed in their own ways. Being a good player not just on the field but off the field can also show the real meaning of a good player. Mr. Kulp says he’s very excited about this upcoming season, as he and his team have a lot of players returning. He said, “the linemen are going to be very strong in the trenches,” which is the position he coaches. He continued to say that the Coyotes have “some young guys coming up from the freshman level. It’s gonna be a very exciting season for us.” 

As you can see, everyone is excited for this upcoming season. BPHS does think they  can make it to CIF this year. They’re gonna try their hardest and put all their heart and effort into this upcoming season. We as a school also have to be supportive with their season, any type of support can help them gain confidence and help  them think they’re going to make it.