Groundbreaking moment for BPHS girl’s basketball team


Emily Gonzalez and Brianna Chavez

For the first time in 10 years, a groundbreaking moment has come for the Buena Park Girls Basketball Team. The Buena Park Varsity basketball team won their away conference game against Troy Girls’ Basketball Team by scoring 46-37. Buena Park is incredibly proud to represent the Girl’s Basketball Team and we think many people around campus can agree.


One of the students involved in the game against Troy High, Alana White,  was interviewed by one of our interviewers and she seems to have many opinions and confidence in what she does.


Here are a few words said by Alana White, a student from the Buena Park Girls Basketball team.


                                             –                        –                                 –


Alana White, a center girls basketball player shares her feelings and emotions throughout the game as during the game against Troy High School, she knew they were going to win “just by our energy and how hard we had started the game.” 

Alana White seems to have much self-confidence and courage throughout the game which could have also been a major help in the game. 

She does believe there was room for improvement as “there was a lot more that we could have done better.”


As the time was ticking and the game was coming to an end, she claims to have known that they “were going to win because we were up by 30 points” while also feeling anxious “because we were tied with Sunny Hills and thought they were going to make a three because they were good shooters but it was our team that made the buzzer beater.” 

Alana was determined to win the game against Troy Girls Basketball Team as they won 46-37 in this groundbreaking and truly inspiring game for her and her cooperative team.


Buena Park High School is very proud of its Girls’ Basketball team. This moment won’t be forgotten for a long while by the players, as well as students and staff. Beating Troy High School was a historic moment for Buena Park High School which hasn’t occurred in over 10 years. After this huge victory and success, the Girl’s Basketball team will continue to play strong for the remainder of their season. They had a strong win against Fullerton High School. Come on out and support your Girl’s Basketball team at their next games. The next games will be on January 31, 2023, at Fullerton High School and February 2, 2023, at La Habra High School.