2022 World Cup


The World Cup is a popular worldwide event that takes place every four years this year the world cup is taking place in Qatar, Saudi Arabia but the location of where the world cup will take place is voted by the Fifa congress seven years prior in advance so they can get permission to use the chosen stadium along with having every team prepared for the next world cup.

The world cup can be very stressful and also an exciting thing to watch for most soccer lovers or casual soccer watchers. These tournaments last several weeks but the ones that qualify for the world cup last way longer than usual. Teams who qualify get put into groups of four—the top two teams from each group advance to the next round. In the next three rounds, teams are eliminated as they play each other. Referees for the World Cup tournament are selected from lists that are submitted by all the national associations. In Group A we had Qatar vs Ecuador the game resulted in a 0-2 both goals coming from Enner Valencia getting the first goal from a penalty kick and then scoring another goal but it got ruled out after a Var review getting Qatar disqualified from their world cup on their first game. In group B we have England vs Iran, USA vs Whales, and Senegal vs Netherlands. The England vs Iran match resulted in the first goal going to England being scored by Jude Bellingham following up on the next three goals by England  Mehdi Taremi from Iran scored the first goal for Iran but the match ended up in a 6-2 making England advance and Iran stay. In the match with Senegal vs the Netherlands Cody Gakop scored the first goal assisted by Frenkie De Jong then at the 90’ mark another goal was scored for the Netherlands by Davy Klaasen making the game 0-2 and allowing the Netherlands to advance. One of the more intense games was group C which was Argentina, Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia. The first match was Argentina vs Saudi Arabia. This was a 1-2 game with Lionel Messi scoring the first goal then Saleh Al Shehri and Salem Al Dawsar scoring the final two goals for Saudi Arabia with 2 goals and Argentina with 1. Group C also had Mexico vs Poland and this resulted in a tie 0-0 meaning that both advanced. Argentina vs Mexico was a 2-0 game having Lionel Messi scoring the first goal and the second goal being scored by Enzo Fernandez assisted by Lionel Messi scoring none which gave Argentina the chance to advance. Then the game with Poland and Saudi Arabia resulted in a 2-0 by having Piotr Zielinski scoring the first goal with an assist by Robert Lewandowski then the final goal of the match was scored by Robert Lewandowski making Poland 2 and Saudi Arabia having 0 goals. With these games, it made Argentina 1st place for group C Poland 2nd Saudi Arabia 3rd and Mexico 4th. One of the most action-packed games for Mexico fans was Mexico vs Saudi Arabia. This would decide if Mexico or Saudi Arabia would advance; this ended as a 2-1 with Mexico goals being scored by Henry Martin along with Luis Chavez which got them 2 points and with Salem Al Dawsari from the Saudi Arabia team helping them score a point in the last minutes, making Mexico and Saudi Arabia disqualified. This was a very controversial game because one of Mexico’s goals did not count if they would make Mexico advance and Saudi Arabia stay but it was offside so they did not make it. Many of Mexico’s fans were devastated about not passing the 16th round. It was the first time in 44 years. 

As we enter the interview section of the article we question students, Jason Velazquez and Renaldo Mendoza, Question 1 we asked what team they go for in the world cup With Velazquez stated “I go for Portugal ”, then Mendoza said how “I go for Portugal ”, and finally Emiliano stating that “I’m going for Brazil.” The next question was who they think will win the world cup with Velazquez stating “Portugal is going to win the World Cup” Mendoza saying how “I think Brazil is going to win”, and finally Emiliano stating “I think Brazil is going to win”. As a fun side question, we asked both students if they would play in the world cup with Velazquez stating that “I would play in the world cup for Portugal.” and Mendoza saying how “I think I would play in the world cup on Mexico’s team.”