Food fest: Aftermath and preparations

Rebekah Snyder

The Food Fest was a success! Many clubs at Buena Park High School volunteered to represent themselves at the event. Each semester is Food Festival season, and many students were excited for the Fall Semester’s Food Fest. 

The students and staff’s main goal is to inform students about the involving and special event. They continue to reach this goal by spreading posters on social media such as Instagram and TikTok. This has proved successful as hundreds of students lined up at the stands as quickly as they could.

In this article, we hope to give students at BPHS more insight on the volunteering aspect of Food Fest. Here is what Journalism and Theatre volunteers shared with interviewers Rebekah Snyder and Brianna Chavez. 

Theatre advocates Mackenzie Shane, Andrew Penn, and Dominick Macedonio sold 1$ scoops of ice cream for Food Fest along with other volunteers. They raised “about $300” (Penn, Andrew) in profits in support of BPHS Theatre. Our main volunteers state everything went perfectly as planned. “…I think it went very well. As far as teamwork is concerned, everyone knew their jobs and did them very efficiently.” (Shane, Mackenzie) 

By the end of the day, the majority of Theatre’s food stand was sold out! They sold seven of their nine tubs of ice cream, as well as all of their toppings, such as sprinkles, chocolate, caramel, and magic shell syrup. They were glad to have the experience and believe that “it’s always good to be a part of something greater than yourself.”

On the other hand, Journalism’s volunteer team was very chaotic when it came to going as planned. Seniors Kayla, Daniella, and Liz participated in this semester’s Food Fest, representing Journalism. During the Food Fest, they sold Wingstop and raised $150! They sold seventy-five wings, three large fries, and seventeen sodas. Overall, they were very successful! 

“We did not expect to raise $150. We were expecting around a hundred or less. That surprised me.” (Liz) In the process of trying to get their order, everything started to crumble with their plans. “We pre-ordered the day before to make sure we’ll get our food, but they didn’t start making it until we arrived at the Wingstop. We thankfully ended up coming in time.” (Daniella) 

Kayla told us how panicked she was when people started to line up way before the food came. “People were like, ‘what are you selling?’ I told them it was Wingstop, and they all waited in line for six minutes! Thankfully, Liz and Daniella came in time before they waited too long.”

 It was all worth it in the end, as all our seniors found it as a fun experience. They all said they are planning on doing it next semester, so stay tuned!