Hurricane Fiona



A person points towards a damaged house after the arrival of Hurricane Fiona in Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland, Canada September 25, 2022. REUTERS/John Morris TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Adrian Angulo, Jc Mendoza, and Galilea Maya

On Sunday September 18, 2022 at 3:20 PM EDT, Puerto Rico was hit with a Category-1 cyclone. Hurricane Fiona started at 85 miles per hour, hitting Southern Puerto Rico with 20 inches of rain and northern Puerto Rico saw 12 inches of rainfall. The Puerto Rico National Gaurd rescued 21 elderly’s at an elderly home. Hurricane Fiona brought far less powerful winds than Category-4 Maria in 2017 yet, many Puerto Rico residents were caught off guard by this hurricane. First responders rescued hundreds of people from submerged homes, roads, and bridges. More than 900,000 residents were left without power and more than 60% of the island is still left without power. When the hurricane was over the island was still left with over 20 inches and more of rain in Puerto Rico. More than 1 million people were left without running water in the Dominican Republic. More than 40% of the island doesn’t have access to clean drinkable water.