Introduction to BP’s latest JV coach

Angelica Luna

On Wednesday September 14 of 2022, a student from our journalism team interviewed our junior varsity girls basketball coach, Ms.Bermudez. Ms.Bermudez is not only a coach but she is also a teacher, she teaches 9-12 grade, she has been working at buena park high school for 3 years. Ms. B says the reason why she wants to coach at BP is because “The staff is very accepting”. “They welcomed her with open arms and she has enjoyed her time coaching here.” Coaching, truthfully, is what keeps her at BP”. She also states the reason why she became a coach is because she loves the game. Basketball makes coach B happy and she knew she wanted to continue being involved with it. Watching the friendships and lessons that come from coaching basketball also makes it enjoyable to Ms.B. Coach B says what she likes most about working with this organization is again “The staff is very accepting, and she likes to push to be well  rounded people (academically and personally).  Her team emphasizes higher education and gaining wisdom through experiencing what the world has to offer. “ She says when she was younger she did play basketball herself. She started playing basketball as a kid– around 10 years old. Coach B, would play with her siblings and cousins out on the street at her grandmother’s house. Her house was located on a cul de sac so the neighborhood would share a hoop at the end of the street.Ms.B didn’t have the opportunity to play on an actual team until high school. However, she jumped at the chance to play on the team. Coach B states she doesn’t reject anyone from her team if and when they don’t make it. Instead she puts them as other roles,like being team manager or a  stats keeper, so her team can still be involved. Besides Basketball Ms. B teaches her players Life lessons. She outlooks  A lot of skills learned in basketball that translate to the real world”. “Team work, communication, collaboration, endurance through tough losses or defeat, and more.” Coach B. has other goals other than winning games, she sates her goals as a JV coach is to prepare her players to eventually move up to Varsity. Coach does this by helping the team condition. Conditioning helps in building game endurance/stamina and strength. Her goal is to make basketball a fun escape from everyday things for everyone participating in it.