‘Cinderella’ is coming to Buena Park


Starting from April 27, Buena Park High School’s theater production will present the Cinderella Broadway musical that will be held in the PAC. Tickets will be sold at $10 general admission and $15 for general admission and a Magic Wand. The play stars Emily Byun as Cinderella, Michael Lilly as Topher, Brianna Reyes as Marie, Natasha Martinez as Madame, Mackenzie Shane as Charlotte, Wendolyn Herra as Gabriel, Kevin Merino as Jean-Michel, Dominick Macedonio as Sebastian and Alyssa Arrujo as Lady Pinkleton. In addition, the Buena Park Vocal Ensemble will play a supporting role to complement the play. Dance Company will be featured in the dancing components of the play and will consult the actors for specific scenes. According to Judith Celis, (member of the Vocal Ensemble team), their first run-through was on February 28th of February.

The play was described to be a twist on the Cinderella Disney adaptation according to Byun. Byun said that this will be the most hands-on play since there will be many attributes going on with the choir and the cast. The play is packed with singing, dancing and dramatic points during the show. The show will also feature students who took part in producing the Clue play.

Shane stated, “Basically, it’s going to start off with a big announcement about the prince,” whose name is Topher. It’s not the same as the original Disney story which I think is interesting.”  To add on to Shane, Byun stated, “The main character, Ella, is a peasant and she gets married to the prince and goes to the ball. Along the way to the ball, she buys a gown and her mother is the antagonist of the play. She eventually gets to the ball and she doesn’t reveal her true identity but a lot of things happen in the process. 

When talking about the play with the cast they all stated that there are some small tweaks to the original story. The small changes range from singing portions to character changes that are going to be presented. Mia Salgado commented “It goes like the original story, the king starts a ball to find a wife for the prince and Ella wants to go. But her step sisters and her step mother rips up her invitation to go. Ella is alone in the house when a crazy lady ends up being her fairy godmother.” 

 Throughout the process and preparation for the play, Byun commented, “If I can say who has been my biggest role model, I’d say it’s Mrs. DeWeese because she had to go through a lot of things to get to where she is right now and she’s always trying to give her best and her students the best she can. 

To conclude, the long-awaited broadway-like play will run from April 27-30 at 7pm on the first three days and 2pm on the last day. Tickets can be purchased via QR code below and in person at the office. Be sure to come and support your fellow Coyotes for their immense dedication to this rendition and best of luck to the Coyotes who are performing!