Theatre production’s fall play Clue comes to Buena Park

Joanna Lee


Suspenseful music, dim lights, dramatic scenes–what does this entail? Theatre Production’s fall play, “Clue” is here! It is a book turned screenplay by Peter DePietro, filled with suspense and thrill of figuring out who committed murder. Who’s guilty? Let’s dive in. 

In this year’s rendition, Andrew Penn stars as Mr. Green, Brianna Reyes stars as Mrs. White, Dominick Macedonio stars as Wadsworth, Nancy Guiterez stars as Miss Scarlet, Noah Marquez stars as Mr. Boddy, Michael Lilly stars as Colonel Mustard, and Diego Aguilar stars as Professor Plum. 

Sharing a glimpse of his character’s personality, cast member Micheal Lilly starring as Colonel Mustard said, “Colonel Mustard brings more of the immature features out, he’s kinda childish in a way. He’s very unintentionally comedic, he catches on very slowly.” Dominick Macedonio, who stars as Wadsworth, added,  “I thought it would be fun to do a British accent on stage and he has a lot of hidden backhand comedy which is one of my favorite things.” 

Brianna Reyes claimed, “We have been working very, very hard for this play, we are all very dedicated to what we do. Showing up, doing what has to be done and working together as an ensemble, as a family. I am really proud of what we have been doing and I am excited for what will come.” 

The play officially ended its run on Sunday, November 7. Kayla Medina, a 16-year-old junior, who watched the play, said, “My experience watching the play was a great one. I was originally excited to watch the play because I am in the theater. My favorite part of the play was when Wadsworth mimicked the maid.” Vi Ngyuen, a senior, added, “I liked how every character had a different and strong personality. My favorite character was the cat.”

Students and staff had so many great comments about the play, from the phenomenal acting down to the apprehensive mood. We can’t wait to see what kind of masterpiece Buena Park Theatre Production displays next!