Q&A With Anahi Benitez, Vocal Ensemble President


Sebastian Santillan

After the Choir Concert, we had the chance to sit down with Anahi Benitez, President of Vocal Ensemble, for a Q&A session.


Q: Why did you join choir and how has it helped you grow?

 A: Back in middle school I was in choir and I just want this sort of tradition going on to my future children as well. I would say that choir helped me become a brighter and more outgoing person.


Q: I know you are this year’s Vocal Ensemble President, how do you feel about this position?

A: I like that I’m in charge but if I’m being honest I like that I can be an example for others and I get asked questions about choir.


Q: Did you face any obstacles in choir?

A: I feel like a real major obstacle I faced was stage fright, since it was a serious problem for me and many others.


Q: Has COVID-19 changed anything about choir?

A: I would say for sure it was really hard to record all together, but I mostly miss hearing that harmony. Now that we are all in person I would say it’s a lot better.


Q: Do you have any advice for students who are interested in joining choir?

A: I would definitely say it’s really fun even if you’re a shy person because your shyness will be gone in an instant. I would personally say it’s a really fun experience because back in my freshman year we had my first ever concert and it was something that was really fun and enjoyable. So, I would say definitely join.