Friday Night Football Is Back On


Sebastian Santillan, Sports

Friday Night Football Is Back On


On Friday August 19th 2022 the Buena Park High School Football team broke their 3 year losing streak after going 49-21 against Cerritos high school, Today Journalism will cover the game that will go into Buena Park high history.

Friday 19th BPHS had a football game against Cerritos High School to start off the year at 7 pm which the game lasted two hours in total. The beginning of the game started off with the entrance of the football team followed with the percussion line of the marching band and the cheer team cheering them on. The first touchdown started with number 8 making it across the field after a pass from the middle linebacker which got us our first three points of the season. After a lot of back and forth Cerritos managed to score a field goal by doing a kickoff, after a while there were a lot of defensive plays from number seven who’s tackles saved point scoring for Cerritos. During the halftime show, the dance company made an appearance along with the cheer team and finally the marching band who played “The Final Countdown” to help support and give moral support to our football team. Finally towards the end of game as the final moments came down BP scored a total of 49 points beating Cerritos high school by 28 points leading to a big celebration from all the athletes who attended the game along with the family of the football team. 

Congratulations to the football team on taking the victory along with breaking the three year losing streak, be sure to come and support the coyotes during the next football on Friday 26 August it is a home game.