January Artist of the Month: Mauricio Vargas

Shantel Sanchez

Hey Coyotes! We’re back with our January artist of the month. This month, we are featuring Mauricio Vargas, a 17-year-old senior. Since he was a freshman, he has always been interested in art because it allows him to express himself, and it’s a way of “escaping life.” Vargas describes himself as very open-minded, considerate, kind to others, self-aware, and empathetic. In addition to art, he likes to spend his time doing special effects makeup, which is another form of his self-expression. He has always been very passionate about art; he feels that people who express themselves in their way are able to battle more of their obstacles in life. In 5 years, he sees himself majoring in fine arts and digital media. 


Vargas’s project is a self-portrait that represents all the pain he went through during his high school years. The self-portrait also depicts his journey in accepting what other people see him as and letting go of his past. He was inspired to make this piece through various horror movies. To Vargas, art is unique and different depending on the artist, which adds to its emotional impact. Vargas says that his own artwork does not have a label–it’s unique to himself in his own way.